MonthTipsPtsROI %
Oct 20201-1-100
Sep 20201-1-100
Feb 20201-2-100
Nov 20195+3.74187
Aug 20191-2-100
Jun 20191-1-100
May 20191-1-100
Apr 20191-1-100
Mar 20192-3-100

TopJockey is a BK legend. Regarded as one of our best horse racing tipsters. He’s posted over 2400 free horse racing tips on Betting Kingdom down the years. He’s been inactive for a while but will occasional share a free tip on UK Racing.

The reason for this is that TopJockey set up his own premium horse racing tipster service. For more information on that you can read my review of the service here. I’m a subscriber and have made a nice profit following his tips.

I do feel TopJockey has become a better tipster over the years. His premium service has a much higher ROI than his stats on BK. I think he takes a much more professional approach to his tipping these days to ensure his subscribers get value for money.

It’s great to still have TopJockey part of the site and I look forward to reading some of his free tips over years to come. Check him out on twitter and make sure you pay the bargain price of £10 a month to follow his premium service.


Was our leading racing tipster for years & years. So pleased that he has gone on to run his own successful Premium Horse Racing tipster service. He still shares the occasional free tip on here.

Simon Linklater
Simon Linklater
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A BK Legend. End of!