Monthly Results

MonthTipsPtsROI %
Nov 20201-1-100
Feb 20202-2-100
Jan 20206+1.721.5
Nov 20191+661
Sep 20193+7.822.3
Aug 20199-5.5-36.7
Jul 201917+10.6-29.8

It’s still very early days for TennisPunts. He’s also responsible for a few other tipster profiles on here, all of which are in profit, so that’s a good sign.
He prices up the matches himself and then offers tennis betting tips when the bookmakers odds are higher than his. This approach to tipping and finding value has helped our tipsters stand out from the crowd in the past.
It will be interesting to see how TennisPunts progresses. He’s certainly got the right approach, but tipping on multiple sports can often be a very hard thing to do, as I’ve found out myself in the past with limited success.

Prices up his own matches which we know is the sign of a quality tipster.

Simon Linklater
BK Owner
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Some promising signs but early days still. On to watch and see how he progresses.