# 3 Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer


  • 20 years golf tipping experience

  • Works for the Racing Post

  • In depth previews with his tips

  • Some big priced winners

  • Well regarding in the golf betting community

  • Great at picking out value golf tips

  • Tips are available for FREE

  • No historical results available

  • Very poor results in 2019


I’ve read so many different reviews of Steve Palmer and most of them are glowing. The problem is, those who have followed his golf betting tips have done so for only a short period of time. Normally 6 – 12 months. Steve Palmer has been tipping for the Racing Post for over 10 years. I’m not quite sure exactly when he started, as I couldn’t find that information.

I also can’t find any results for Steve Palmer. It seems the Racing Post don’t actually track the bets their tipsters post. Given how they pride themselves in being the best in the business, that’s very disappointing. It also makes it impossible to judge just how good a tipster Palmer is. For all I know his overall ROI could be 30%, it could be 3%.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe his tips are free on the Racing Post website and normally posted on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I often get them when Golf Betting System either tweet to tips or a member posts on their facebook group. I can’t imagine they would do that if the tips were not free. Would they?

Recent Results

As a golf tipster myself I had a number of punter tells me how s**t my tips were in comparison to Steve Palmer. I agree. He does it full time. Most of those comments came in 2018 when he appeared to be cleaning up, judging by the feedback at least.

But that changed in 2019 and Palmer had a nightmare season. Again I can’t tell you any results as I don’t have them to hand. I follow Golf Betting System on facebook and one of their members updated Steve Palmer’s results each week and they were not pretty. I tried scrolling back through the post but gave up after 10 minutes.

He needs some winners to make amends for the disappointing 2019 season. Given the recent layoff we have had, that could be easier said that done. I will be watching with interest but won’t be risking any of my own money.

Television & Books

Steve Palmer did write a book in 2011 called “Born to Punt” which is worth a read. It’s about his experiences as a punter over the course of a year as he attempts to beat the bookmakers. I read it a long time ago but my fading memory is telling me that it was an entertaining experience.

Palmer also made an appearance in the BBC Documentary Britain at the Bookies, which revealed some of his exploits as a punter. Again I found this very amusing and thought he was quite a character. Certainly give Steve Palmer a follow on twitter. He’ll make you laugh and hopefully we will see a return to form for his golf tips in 2020 and beyond.

# 2 Golf Betting Expert


£20 a month

  • Over £10,000 in profit

  • Full historical results available

  • 4 years of tipping experience


# 4 Golf Betting Tipster


£20 a month

  • 30 Day Free Trial

  • Previews with all the tips

  • 4 Years of tipping experience