# 4 SpreadEx

SpreadEx bookmaker

  • #4 BK Tips Ranked Bookmaker

  • Spread Betting option available

  • Founded 1999

  • Live Streaming available to customers

  • Can be found on the oddschecker grid

  • Cash Out option

  • Less sports & markets


This is my SpreadEx bookmaker review. These are my opinions and based on my own experiences betting with SpreadEx.

#4 BKTips Ranked Bookie

Some of you may not be that familiar with SpreadEx bookmaker and may be surprised to see them so high in my rankings. Well this list is based on my own experiences, which are 20 years of betting online, with most of the leading UK bookmakers.

I’m limited or banned by at least a dozen bookies. It happens to a lot of punters these days. Bookmakers are trying to make as much profit as possible and don’t really play fair. I’ve had no problems with SpreadEx since I started betting with them. I’m not sure exactly when I opened my account, but I would guess it was at least 5 years ago.

They feature on the oddschecker grid. This means if you are a punter that likes to get the best odds on your wagers, then there is a chance SpreadEx will be top price at some point. I find them particularly competitive for sports like golf and darts. Two of my favourite sports to bet on.

The SpreadEx website is well designed with the sports listed at the top of the page in the horizontal menu. I find it quick and easy to place a bet. I’m normally only on the site for 30 seconds at a time. That’s the sign of a good bookmaker.

Spread Betting & Sportsbook

SpreadEx bookmaker are unique in that they also offer punters Spread Betting. There are very few betting companies which accept Spread Betting these days. I prefer the Fixed Odds betting method but If you like to dable in both then having an account with SpreadEx will certainty prove handy.

Spread Betting works when the bookie sets a line for the market. Let’s assume you were betting on a cricket match. SpreadEx might set a line for Team A runs at 150-160. You can then decide if you want to BUY OR SELL. If you think there will be over 160 runs you can BUY. You would then enter a stake for each run. Let’s keep it simple and say £1.

For every run scored over 160 you would win £1. So if they scored 200 runs you’ve netted yourself £40 profit. The risk comes if the team score Under 150 runs. Let’s assume they get bowled out for 50. That’s just cost you a cool £100. The risk is much higher but the reward can also be far greater.

As well as offering Spread Betting on sport, SpreadEx also offer Financial Markets too. This allow your to bet on currencies and commodities. I know f**k all about Financial Spread Betting. So I will leave it at that. All you need to know right now is that it’s an option if you open a new SpreadEx account.

Sign Up Bonus and Promotions

The Sign Up Bonus isn’t an easy one to claim. There’s up to £300 cashback available, or you can choose an iPad instead. But that’s for punters who want the Spread Betting side of the site. I’m a fixed odds type of guy. The sign up bonus never appealed to me, but in my time as a customer I have been offered £5 free bets from time to time.

I like SpreadEx a lot. In a time where many of the big guns are joining forces and offering punters less choice, SpreadEx give you a great alternative and often a bigger price than what is available elsewhere. I recommend you join today. You won’t be disappointed.