# 1 Racingjackk



  • Amazing ROI of over 35%

  • #1 Ranked Racing Tipster here at BKTips

  • In depth previews with all his tips

  • Very selective with his picks

  • Offering June 2020 for FREE

  • Clearly very passionate about horse racing

  • Has built up a loyal following on twitter

  • Potential to be one of the best racing tipsters

  • I’m not a fan of having to login every time to read a tip


I’m excited about Racingjackk. This kid has the potential to be one of the best racing tipsters out there. To be fair he could already be the best. With a ROI of 38% (as of June 3rd 2020) he’s definitely one to follow straight away.

2020 so far has been a mixed bag and February was his worst month to date. I like how Jack addressed this though. He didn’t try to hide anything, he was open and honest with his subscribers. He made it clear that March was a month he’d be concentrating on his university course, which he has now completed and is focusing 100% on his tipping service.

June Tips are FREE

Given that racing only returned to the UK a few days ago, Jack is offering June for FREE and what a start he made. He posted 1 tip on the opening day of the month and it landed at odds of 22/1. Take that bookies!!!

This is an excellent opportunity to sign up to Racingjackk and follow a proven racing tipster for FREE. If you don’t like the service then you cancel before the end of the month and you won’t be charged the recurring £20 monthly fee. I would add that it’s important not to judge a tipster on one month’s results though. Jack expresses this in his twitter videos and he makes a valid point. You need to be following for at least 3 months to get a true reflection of how good a tipster is.

To follow his tips you need to sign up and login to his website. This has been introduced with the hope prices will hold up for longer. But in my opinion, as a punter, it’s just one more step needed to gain access to the tips and having to login everyday is just a bit frustration. If it does mean prices stay available for longer then it’s worth doing.

Excellent Previews

I’ve been hugely impressed with the previews. Jack goes into a lot of detail to explain why he has chosen his tips and straight away that gives you assurance as a punter, that this is guy that knows his stuff. He also highlights the odds available at 4 or 5 different bookies, rather than just displaying the best price. Again this really helps, as it saves you time, potentially jumping from one bookmaker to the next trying to find the best odds.

I’ve put Jack straight to number 1 in my racing tipsters list. I’m confident he is going to return his followers a decent profit. I will be following for the foreseeable future and it’s yet to be seen how prices hold up and whether he can maintain that amazing ROI, but I’ll keep you posted and will update the review in 2 or 3 months time.