MonthTipsPtsROI %
Oct 20209-0.45-2.65
Sep 20205-3.5-46.7
Jul 20204+5.274.86
Feb 20203+1.829.33
Jan 20201+2.6130
Dec 20198-10.7-78.96
Nov 201915+20.780.7
Oct 20197+8.350.06

NLFootyTips is unique in that he only offers football betting tips from Non Leagues in England. The early signs have been promising with a ROI of over 15%.

Bookmakers spend most of their time and resources working on the big leagues like the Premier League or La Liga. If you find a football tipster like NLFootyTips that has good knowledge on the lower leagues, then it is possible to beat the bookmakers and make a nice profit.

It’s still early day in terms of his tipping and profit levels, so it will be interesting to see how he progresses as the 2020/21 season unfolds.


Specializes in Non League football betting tips.

Simon Linklater
BK Owner
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A promising start I like the idea of a football tipster focusing on the lower leagues.