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Simon Linklater
Simon Linklater
BKTips Owner
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As a punter whose main focus is to make a profit, Marathonbet are one of my favourite bookmakers. Why? Because they offer better odds than other bookmakers. They do this by working with smaller margins. It's just a shame they are no longer on the oddschecker grid as that made it easier to compare their odds, with other bookmakers. More often than not I was heading over to Marathonbet to put on my latest wager. This is a no thrills bookmaker. They don't have a sign up bonus, they rarely push promotions. They don't need to. If you want to win more when your bets land, then bet with Marathonbet. The website might look a bit naff, but it's simple and easy to use. Placing bets quickly should be your prime objective, who gives a sh*t what the website looks like. Sign up today, get better odds and win more from your bets.

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