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How do Affiliate Schemes Work?

BKTips is affiliated to bookmakers. I’ve been earning money through bookmaker affiliates for over 15 years. Without this betting kingdom would never have started and all those punters that won lots of money, following the tips, would have missed out.

A few years ago affiliated tipsters started to get bad press. The Guardian and BBC both did articles on tipsters, claiming they were deliberately offering bad advice, so punters would lose.

Affiliate schemes work on a commission basis. If you sign up to a bookmaker using one of the links here at BKTips, I would get 30% of your future losses. If you win, then those winnings are deducted from my commission.

I know what the thinking. What the f**k? Surely he wants all of his tips to lose? Well it doesn’t work like that. My aim is to provide free betting tips on the sports and matches that matter. I want to offer good advice as well. If all my tips lost, do you think anyone would come back? Of course not. So how can I make money from affiliates whilst still offering good betting tips? The answer is simple.

Most punters bet for fun!

I’ve been winning off my own tips for years. I have friends who bet, my two brothers bet, do they follow my advice?


Why not?

Because they have their own opinions and they only bet for fun.

Lots of punters lack patience. If they follow a tipster they expect immediate results. When they realise that the margins are fine and profits will only be around 10% they quickly get bored and go back to their old bad habits.

That’s how BKTips can still generate affiliate commission. If punters decide they don’t want to follow the advice given, then that’s their own fault for being twats.

It allows punters who are diligent to keep getting free tips, keep winning and everyone is happy.

So please don’t be put off by my affiliation to the bookmakers.  If there are any bookmakers you’ve not joined, please sign up using the links on this website. Even if you are a winning punter, the sign ups ensure my affiliate deals remain in place. I’m not looking to make lots of money, I just want enough to pay my bills and keep doing what I love.

Thank You. If you have any questions about how the affiliation scheme works, then please email me at


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