# 8 Golf Betting Tipster

Golf Betting Tipster

£20 a month

  • 4 Years of tipping experience

  • Returned a profit for all 4 seasons

  • 30 Day Free Trial

  • Sensible staking plan

  • Good start to the 2020 season

  • Previews with all the tips

  • 100% ROI which is simply unachievable

  • Tips have not been proofed


Golf Betting Tipster (GBT) has been offering a premium golf tipster subscription service since 2016. The first thing that leaps off their page is the amazing profit. Over £10,000 profit across 5 seasons. That’s incredible. The ROI is just under 100%. The best tipsters I’ve come across will be in the 30% bracket, so it did make me wonder how they achieved those fantastic results.

Golf Betting Tipster keep a detailed record of all their results. Until I mentioned it to them, they used to include Cashout Winnings in their results. I won’t go into it, but basically it looked a bit dodgy. I’m glad to say they have been removed. But even after that update, the ROI is close to 100%. Anyone with experience of tipping of following the best tipsters will know this is not only insane, but unachievable. The best very best tipsters are around the 30% market.

I was going to follow GBT to see how good they were. But perhaps I don’t need to. The first week the PGA Tour returned they posted tips for the Charles Schwab Challenge. Harris English was one of those tips and they had him down at 80/1. However when the tips were sent out, odds of 80/1 were long gone. 70/1 was the best price, with worse EW terms.

I messaged them and they replied “To be honest every tipster that I have seen adds the odds from the day they write the report not when it has goes live.” This isn’t something I’ve experienced and is disrespectful to the customer and gives GBT false profits. I don’t trust these guys.

Customer Reviews

GBT has a customer review section. At the time of writing this article there are 96 customer reviews. Every single one of those 96 reviews left a 5 star rating. There isn’t even a 4 star rating in there. Make of that what you will.

I followed for a while and was surprised at how low the stakes were. Between £5 – £10. Straight away I couldn’t get my head around how much profit Golf Betting Tipster was making from low stakes. In 2019 they landed a big winner on Soderberg in the Omega European Masters. Odds of 420 on the exchange. What is odd about this one is it’s the only Exchange Tip I could find in 4 years of the service being in operation.

I run the Betting Kingdom tipster platform and don’t allow the tipsters to use Betfair Exchange. The reason for this is that there is never enough money available for more than a few punters to get the price. It’s very likely that price of 420 was only available to 1 or 2 GBT followers, thus giving more false profits.

I really need to follow the service for an extended period to give a fair review. GBT did actually post for a short spell on Betting Kingdom. Only 40 tips back in 2019. But they made a loss of -£61.50.  I’ve not been able to find any third party tipster reviews for GBT and it doesn’t appear that their tips are proofed.

Positive Aspects

The fact the results have been tracked is positive,  there are a lot of golf tipsters out there who don’t even bother to keep a results spreadsheet. GBT offers new followers a 30 day FREE Trial. So you won’t be risking any of your own money at first. This gives you an opportunity to try out the service and see what you think, before committing.