# 1 SPTips


  • Uses bet365 for 66% of his tips

  • Fantastic ROI and profit stats

  • Great understanding of individual players


# 2 Jay

£20 a month

  • ROI of over 20%

  • Focuses on the card markets

  • Excellent previews with all his tips


# 3 Jonesey


  • Amazing profits across the last 2 seasons

  • Over 18,000 twitter followers

  • Great understanding of tactics


Without doubt, football is far and away the most popular sport for punters to bet on. But it can also be the hardest to make a profit. Bookmakers focus a lot of attention and hire big teams of traders to ensure they get their odds on football correct.

This could be one of the reasons why profitable football tipsters are few and far between. As a tipster you are going into battle with the bookmakers. You are taken them on at their own game, trying to find weaknesses in their armour. However, when you outnumbered, probably around 10-1, your chances of being victorious are not great.

I’ve found the football tipsters that have success these days are the ones who exploit the bigger range of markets on offer. Bookmakers may be more careless on the markets that attract less bets and this is where football betting tipsters can take advantage.

I’ve been searching the internet looking for the best football tipsters online. I will list them on this site and then offer reviews of their tipster services. I’ve not followed all of these tipsters, I certainly don’t have time to proof their results, but I feel I am a good judge of tipsters and their potential having been in the industry for over 15 years.

Ranking Football Tipsters

The football tipster list on this page is not purely based on profit. That is a large part of the rankings, after all, we follow tipsters to win money. The more profitable they are the better. But other factors come into play. What is their ROI? How many tips a month do they post? Do the prices of their tips hold up long enough for punters to get their bets on?

All these factors are considered in my tipster reviews. You also need to be wary of scams. Lot of tipsters out there are falsifying their profits to attract punters. They pretend that their tips win money to lure you in, when in fact they are losing their followers money. Sometimes it’s not easy to spot these fraudsters, so doing a bit of research before you sign up is always recommended.