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Why do I bet on football? If you ever catch me betting on football again I give you permission to punch me in the face.
Just a few things I’ve found myself muttering to friends and family down the years. I bet on football because it’s fun. Having a small bet on the football match on TV can make it more enjoyable to watch.
I’ve never been a punter who is looking to get rich or give up my job by betting. Whilst a few individuals have achieved this, I doubt many of them have done so by betting purely on football.
Bookies have teams of football traders trying to get their odds correct, but that’s not to say you cannot make a profit. The free football betting tips here at Betting Kingdom have often returned punters with a decent profit.
SPTips who I think is one of the best football betting tipsters around starting life here on Betting Kingdom. All of our free football tipsters are in profit, so they’ve proven they can beat the bookmakers.
Following our free football betting tips is unlikely to make you rich but it should certainly increase your chances of a long term profit and you might just enjoy it along the way. After all, gambling is a form of entertainment, if you’re not enjoying it, give up.
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