Monthly Results

Feb 202171+6.76.28
Jan 202144+47.3160.65
Dec 202022-15.6-37
Oct 20204-1.67-27.8
Sep 202063-20.7-16
Aug 202096-23-15
Jul 202033-2.8-6
Mar 202025+3.711.2
Feb 202056+3048.5
Jan 2020154-37-16.8
Dec 201991+32.322.5
Nov 2019100-8.64-5.5

DRS!! What can I say? A tipster legend!!

He was part of the betting kingdom tipster platform from 2013. It’s worth noting to all budding tipsters that after a year of tipping, DRS still hadn’t made a profit. It took him a while to learn the ropes but when he did, boy was he good.

He does what most serious tipsters should do, focus on one sport, your favourite sport. He is a cricket fanatic and that is what gives him an edge over the bookmaker.

DRS became the first tipster to pass £5000 in profit on the betting kingdom tipster platform. His ROI was over 10% but when you consider he was still at a loss after a year of tipping, then this stat is even more impressive.

DRS does like to tip at high odds so his profit on a month to month basis can be inconsistent. He’s been known to make as much as £700 profit in one month, but also finish a month on -£300. That’s something to take into account when you first start following his cricket betting tips. You need to be patient.


DRS has been sitting top of our tipster leaderboard for a few years now and doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

Cricket is his passion and that's evident in the quality of tips he provides. A BK legend.

BK Punter
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He really is a BK legend, I look at his tips the same as I do financial investments and I have a very small understanding of the sport but I have a keen understanding of profit.
Simon Linklater
Simon Linklater
BK Owner
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A brilliant tipster. My bookie limitations mean I struggle to match the odds & stakes of around 50% of his tips but I still make a profit.