# 1 DRS


  • Over £5000 profit at Betting Kingdom

  • Great knowledge of his chosen sport

  • Focuses purely on cricket


# 2 Nellberg

£10 a month

  • Tipping on cricket since 2016

  • Proven record with over 1000 tips

  • Focuses purely on cricket


Cricket betting has become increasingly popular in recent years. The introduction of domestic T20 competitions means there is more cricket to bet on that ever before. With that has seen a rise in the number of betting tipsters turning their hand to cricket tips.

How do I Rank Cricket Tipsters?

Profit isn’t the only factor when it comes to deciding which tipster to follow. In fact profit can be misleading. One of the problems with betting on cricket is trying to get the odds the tipsters display.

Bookmakers these days are quick to cut their prices if they see a surge of bets placed on a certain team or player. Especially on a sport like cricket where they don’t take as many bets.

So finding a cricket tipster that uses reliable bookmakers and finds tips where there are more than one bookmaker offering a backable price, is almost as important as overall profit.

Why do I not display stats?

Keeping up to date with all the stats would be a 24/7 job. It’s simply not possible as they can change from one minute to the next. I link to the tipsters site or social media account where you should be able to find their latest results and stats.

My advice is if you cannot easily find a link to their results page then don’t follow. They will only be keen to hide their results spreadsheet if they are not making a profit. So ignore the “BOOOOOOOOOOMS” on twitter and make sure you can find a history of their cricket tips before you start following.

If you have any questions about the cricket betting tipsters on this site, then please drop me an email at simon@bettingkingdom.co.uk and I will do my best to reply.