We have tried the most appealing betting sites of 2020

We have tried the most appealing betting sites of 2020

We have tried the most appealing betting sites of 2020

Online betting comes with merits and demerits. Where online betting opens a range of opportunities to earn cash easily, it also puts you in danger of fraud. It is an easy task for a fraudster to set up a trap by creating a simple website. A newcomer can easily be scammed due to inexperience and ignorance. Anyone in this industry, be it new or old, needs to know the right places to gamble. Online casinos and betting websites ask you for your personal information, which makes it easy to misuse your data as there is no regulatory authority that monitors the internet. Therefore, the duty is on you to protect yourself from any deception.

Where there are several ways to deceive someone, there are also several platforms that save you from such trickeries as well. We have tried and tested authentic online betting sites and can safely say that we’ve got you covered by providing all the information about the latest betting sites in 2020.

2020 is the year of growth in online betting. Sports betting, presidential movements in the United States, and Brexit are said to impact the gambling industry. Online websites are going to mainly target these topics by creating several bets. In 2020, several online bets will be placed on such topics. Gamblers all over the world will see promotions and casino bonuses solely based on such topics. These casino bonuses are completely legitimate. Thus, not betting due to the fear of fraud does not make as much sense as betting carefully does.

Guidelines before betting

The following guidelines should be considered before betting:

1. Do your research. Do not make a random guess. Always research before dipping your hands into something.
2. Confirm that the betting site is legitimate.
3. Make sure that the betting site follows the rules and regulations of your country.
4. Stay up to date. Confirm your facts before betting.
5. Double-check the authenticity of your affiliate website as well.
6. Read the tips from a tipster.

Here are our top four betting sites of 2020:


TonyBet is an old player. Founded in 2009, with headquarters in Lithuania, TonyBet is currently our top online betting site. It brings the best casinos, poker, gamblers, gambling experts, and live games to one platform. It also now owns a gaming license of the UK, which allows the company to legally provide services all over Europe. Other than that, TonyBet is accessed by a huge number of people all over the world. This means they gain a large sum in revenue as well.


Bethard comes at number two. Starting as a group of professional gamers with high ambitions, the company takes pride in helping their players from their own experience as former gamers. Bethard makes sure that their players are highly valued, and the ones with potential get what they deserve. They provide services of sports betting, live betting, live casinos, and fantasy sports. Bethard differentiates itself by providing the option of fast cash withdrawal.


Rizk, famous for “The Wheel of Rizk”, comes at number three. Rizk also provides fast cash withdrawal. Rizk offers a number of surprises, weekly rewards, and level-ups. The unique level-up feature allows you to win an extra wheel every week. If you are a risk-taker, then Rizk is your platform. Rizk also provides 24-hour customer service, 365 days of the year. Thus, a perfect platform for gamers.


This is another online betting site, but as the name suggests, its main priority is safety. All famous online betting sites ensure safety, but BetSafe takes one extra step: it makes sure that the information provided by the player is in safe hands. Betsafe also ensures that the law and regulations of the respective country are followed. Thus, if safety is your biggest concern, this should be the platform for you.

Online betting undoubtedly comes with risks. But it is essential to take sensible risks. Taking uninformed risks without thorough research puts you and your cash in danger. For example, betting at an illegal site might land you in jail in addition to causing monetary losses. Therefore, whenever you are considering online betting, think about your priorities as well. Read reviews of your chosen site and do an in-depth search before betting. It is better to patiently search instead of making hasty decisions that result in damages. It leads to nothing but mental exhaustion. Thus, choosing an online betting site is a mindboggling decision, but our aforementioned guidelines and list are enough to give you a solid start.

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