Three Key Pieces of Information You Need to Consider Before Placing a Bet

Three Key Pieces of Information You Need to Consider Before Placing a Bet

Three Key Pieces of Information You Need to Consider Before Placing a Bet

Placing your first online wager can be a hugely daunting experience and it is something that should not be taken lightly. However, it’s never been easier to bet on your favourite teams and competitions and there is a glut of information available to help make the experience as straightforward as possible. Before committing to your inaugural bet, there are three key pieces of information to consider and these should also be factored into future transactions.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Best Odds

Although the majority of bookmakers will follow a similar train of thought when pricing up their markets, there tend to be a number of discrepancies among online operators. There are a plethora of odds comparison sites which enable punters to search for the best possible prices and it’s strongly advised to shop around before settling on a selection. There has been a notable increase in the popularity of shots-on-target markets in recent years and the odds on these selections can often provide a great source of variance.

Goalscorer, try-scorer and top batsman are other examples of volatile markets which often differ depending on your bookmaker of choice. Prop bets for major events such as the Superbowl are often priced up weeks in advance and therefore significant drifts in the odds are not uncommon. This tends to result in disparities between online bookmakers.

If you have opened multiple accounts, it is strongly advised to take advantage of these occasional discrepancies. If higher odds are available, it makes complete sense to take advantage of the operators’ generosity.

Know Your Stats

The primary reason for placing online sports wagers is to beat the bookie. If you aren’t armed with the latest up-to-date statistics, data and injury information, this is likely to play into the hands of the sportsbook.

It is now easier than ever before to crunch the numbers with sites such as Betzcenter offering line-ups, form guides, tables and game data for an array of different sports. This information can be used to find value and spot any potential discrepancies in the prices.

Form tables are particularly handy as many traders will simply price up matches according to the league standings. New managers can have a substantial impact on lower-ranked sides and this is rarely factored into the price.

Take Advantage of Free Offers and Bonuses

Online bookmakers are always keen for your custom and as a result, many operators will throw a number of incentives in the direction of potential players. Welcome bonuses will be occasionally refreshed so it’s always advised to shop around and keep an eye out for new offers which tend to be launched in conjunction with major sporting events.

It is a great way of preserving your betting balance and some savvy players are occasionally able to stretch out their bonus money for several months. Although it is also advised to read the terms and conditions as some offers may not be as generous as they first appear.

There are many other aspects to consider before placing an online bet for the first time, however, these three pointers are arguably the most important. Sports betting is a hugely enjoyable activity and by doing your research and paying careful attention to the odds, it also has the possibility of becoming a profitable pastime.

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