Artificial Intelligence in online gambling

Artificial Intelligence in online gambling

Artificial Intelligence in online gambling

“Artificial Intelligence” has already spread this term all over the Internet. Today, it is popular in all areas that are related to computers and different technologies. But not all users know what AI is and how it can change our life. According to the Pew Research Center, this technology will improve the lives of all people over the next decade. But at the same time, most people are afraid that artificial intelligence will have negative effects on society and even lead to a large-scale disaster. Of course, experts disagree with this statement. They say that AI will not have such powers. If we consider AI from the academic side, then we need to say that the process of developing and creating intelligent computer programs. But this mechanism can learn/analyze information, as well as perform intellectual and creative tasks.

Nowadays, it is used in all areas, including gambling. For the first time, AI appeared in this industry in the 20th century, when Arthur Samuel developed a program that played against a man in chess. This program could train and improve its skills by itself. In early 1962, this program fought the chess champion and won. This is how the study and improvement of AI began. At the moment, there are many such developments, which are divided into 2 types:

1) semiotic;
2) biological.

In the first case, the programs are trying to copy the human mind. In the second version, they use evolution algorithms. The second type of development is the most successful, therefore it is often used in the modern gambling industry. First of all, providers and operators of online casinos use AI to prevent the development of drug addiction.

Modern gambling and AI development

At the moment, many similar solutions are used in the iGaming market. Not so long ago, BtoBet Corporation presented an innovative platform with built-in artificial intelligence. This development will be presented in 888 Casino and other popular gaming halls. Within a few months, the new technology passed all the necessary tests and became very popular. This program is designed to guess the actions of players and respond to them, identifying the potential needs of the user. Thanks to the results obtained, providers and virtual casinos can introduce new developments and solutions to satisfy all player requests.

Artificial intelligence has also been used in poker. This game has always attracted the attention of scientists and experts. The first full-fledged AI program was launched in 2015. So, gamers played against a computer called “Claudico.” A few months later, the program successfully passed several checks.

The DeepStack AI system was created thanks to a group of scientists who wanted to test Artificial Intelligence in the gambling industry. During the poker tournament, the AI ​​program showed an incredible result: 492 mbb/g. Professional human players reach only 100 mbb/g.

The most successful AI program used in modern gambling is called “Libratus.” It won the tournament with the best poker players. Today, gambling market leaders are developing a plan for how to integrate Libratus into the field of online casinos.

Artificial Intelligence vs Gaming Dependency

Ludomania is a dangerous disease that appeared in the field of virtual casinos a few years ago. For example, says almost all gamers have symptoms of this disease. But, scientists say that the introduction of AI in the iGaming field will help defeat Ludomania and save the players. Thus, AI technology will limit the actions of gamers and also monitor their mental performance. Therefore, the latest studies of City University London are of particular value for the entire gambling industry. Scientists said they developed a unique AI-based system that makes it possible to identify a person’s pathological inclinations toward gambling before they turn into addiction. As a result, BetBuddy presented an advanced development in the field of iGaming-business, which can track the behavior of the user. To determine the model of behavior of the gamer, the program will monitor his/her neural networks that define and signal when the user reaches the problem level in the game. Thanks to this data, online casino operators can set limits or even block a client account.

Platform features

At the moment, all successful AI developments in the field of virtual gambling are offered by two providers:

1) BetBuddy. The product of this company is intended for timely recording of changes in the gamer’s behavior. So, it will warn the casino operator about the appearance of gambling addiction. Unique mathematical algorithms and computer technologies will help the operator to improve the quality of service.

2) BtoBet. The developer offers a smart platform that allows the operator to adapt the system in a timely manner to the actual needs of customers. The developments of this corporation have become popular today, they are used in some gambling projects.

The future of Artificial Intelligence in gambling industry

Humanity successfully uses AI in various fields and we do not even always understand it. These developments used to be portrayed only in films, but today, this is a reality. New developments are present in all computers and virtual systems. Therefore, we are confident that such technologies and programs have excellent prospects in the iGaming, where they will help create new entertainment and also prevent gambling addiction.

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