Monthly ResultsTipsPtsROI %
Feb 20214-2.75-100
Jan 202113+4.3310
Dec 20203+0.117.67
Jan 20202-1.5-100
Dec 20199+4.742.9
Aug 20191-1-100
May 20191-1-100
Apr 201916+6.437.8

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I won’t pretend, snooker betting isn’t one of my favourite sports to punt on. I’ve tried playing it a few times and I was always useless. I can watch a match when I have a tip on it, but find it quite boring otherwise. Sorry.

I have tipped on it sporadically down the years but with quite a lot of success. There are some real benefits to tipping on snooker. Firstly it’s sport where very little can effect the outcome of a match.

It’s not like football betting where one mistake by a player or a bad referee decision can see your bet lose. It’s not like golf betting, where different courses or weather conditions have to be factored in. It’s not even like tennis betting, where the surface and court speed can make a big difference.

In snooker betting it’s the same set up every time the players take to the table. With fewer outside influences it makes the stats more reliable. The fantistic cuetracker makes pricing up matches a breeze. That’s what I do.

I compare the two players against each other. The H2H record, their season record, current form and also their break building stats. From there I determine who is the most likely winner of the match or the highest break market. I then make an opinion based decision on what odds they should be.

I will then compare my odds with those of the bookmakers. If they are different, that is when I will post a tip. I want to tip players whose odds are higher than they should be. This should lead to a long term profit and so far it has.

Simon Linklater
Simon Linklater
BK Owner
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Pleased to be back tipping on snooker. It's not my priority so there will be times and tournament I miss, but I'm confident of a long term profit.