BK Banker

Right first and foremost, there is no such thing as a banker bet. The term is often applied to a bet that a punter cannot see losing. Trust me, any bet, no matter how confident you are, can lose.
Remember the nobhead that stuck 10 grand on Tottenham when they were 3-0 up at half-time against Man United. They lost 5-3.
So always keep your stakes to a sensible level, an amount you can afford to lose and I don’t just mean as a one off bet. We work on a pts system, where the stake will range between 1-5 pts. You should work out how much you can lose, let’s say for this example £100 and divide that into 100pts.
So every point is then worth £1. A 5pt selection would be a £5 bet. You can see straight away that you can afford plenty of losing bets and still have funds to bet with.
I’m hoping that this Banker feature can return a nice profit. There won’t be tips every day. I’ll choose bets which I’m confident in and I feel the price is worth backing.
I’ve been tipping for a long time and a couple of my profiles here at BKTips show a nice profit, including BKGolf and 180bets. So I hope you can have some confidence in my selections going forward.

FEATURED IMAGE “nadal vs djokovic at net” by JC is licensed under CC BY 2.0