About Betting Kingdom

Hi, I’m Simon. I’m the owner of Betting Kingdom. I first registered the domain back in 2003. Betting was one of my main hobbies. For years the site was nothing more than a betting guide with links to bookmakers and free bets. With a few hundred quid coming in each month I quit my job, moved back in to my parents’ loft at the age of 27 and got to work.

The site has always made money via bookmaker affiliates. To be honest, I could have left it as a simple betting guide, but I wanted to offer punters more. That’s when I introduced betting tips to the site. At first, it was just me tipping. Until I realised, I was terrible. Slowly but surely I introduced new tipsters and the competition format evolved.

BK had some good years for a while, with some of the best free tipsters on the internet sharing their insight. Prizes were well over £1000 a month and tipsters were reaping the rewards. Unfortunately, a time came where affiliates got a bad name. Some were offering poor tips and profiting from their sign ups. Punters stopped trusting site like Betting Kingdom.

I can understand the cautious approach. Why would a free tips site which earns commission from punters losses want them to win? Well, the truth is, most punters don’t have the patience. You can offer the best free betting tips in the World, but punters will ignore the advice, follow their own opinion or just bet on events they want to watch, rather than focus on turning a profit.

Those punters that have been shrewd and followed our tipsters advice have done well. But there are enough mug punters to compensate and that’s how Betting Kingdom can offer winning tips and still earn revenue through affiliate commission.

Sadly I’ve lost over 50% of my affiliate deals due to lack of sign ups. So I need your help. If you don’t have accounts with any of the bookmakers listed on this site, then sign up today. Even if you win money, the sign up is important to keep my deals in place. It will allow me to continue to reward the tipsters who share their picks on the site. If you do sign up, drop me an email, I’ll be happy to have a conversation with you, answer any questions and just say thank you for your support.

Looking forward, the site is on borrowed time, hence why I’ve made such drastic changes and scrapped the competition. But I still believe in the tipsters that remain and I feel Betting Kingdom could be great again, with your support.

If there is anything you would like to see on the site, then drop me an email using the contact form. I’m still passionate about betting and enjoy posting my own tips, which have gone from terrible to average. Perhaps you are a tipster yourself and would like to get involved.