# 1 SPTips



  • Focuses on the Premier League

  • Great understanding of individual players

  • Fantastic ROI and profit stats

  • One of the most active tipsters

  • Uses bet365 for 66% of his tips

  • No Previews for his tips


Every now and again a tipster comes along that gets you very excited. SPTips is one of those tipsters. I’ll be honest, when he first came to my attention I was sceptical as to whether he could maintain his excellent results.

I was tipping on football at the time and I was also jealous of his success. It soon became clear that SPTips was the real.

Type of Tips

SPTips focuses exclusively on football. The majority of his tips come from the Premier League. However, he will also share picks from major cup competitions, including the Champions League.

What SPTips does so well, is read the game. This is evident in the type of tips he posts. Whether it be Free Kicks, Throw Ins, Goal Kicks, Player Cards, Player Possession or Player Shots. His ability to predict what team will have the possession and in what part of the pitch allows him to get an edge over the bookmakers.

He has a great understanding of individual players as well and uses that to great effect when sharing his football betting tips. SPTips will normally wait for the team news before posting his selections. So it can get quite manic between 2pm – 2.45pm on a Saturday afternoon, but boy is it worth it.


Obviously this will vary depending when you are reading this preview. But when I wrote it, SPTips was around the 30% ROI mark, which for a football tipster, is unheard of.

He is a very active tipster too. You can expect up to 5 tips on individual matches and some weekends could see close to 50 tips shared. A lot of tipsters don’t even reach that figure in a month. That means you can quickly build up a decent profit following SPTips.

Odds Availability

I’ve had very little problem getting bets on following SPTips selections. He’s quite new to the football tipster scene, but I’ve no doubt he will get more followers as the word spreads.

SPTips uses bet365 for around 66% of his picks. This is a godsend for punters, as betting with bet365 and getting bigger stakes on, is a lot easier than other bookmakers. SPtips uses the BetBuilder feature to great effect.

Other bookmakers he uses are Betfair, Unibet and William Hill.

In conclusion, as long as you have access to your betting accounts at around 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, then you should be following SPTips. It’s that simple. You can thank me later.